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Strojírenská výroba HBH

We are the Czech engineering company concerned (since 1998) with custom-made processing of sheet metal, metal sections and tubes, with focus on precision CNC machining, precision welding connected with high-quality locksmith production. Our manufacturing programme includes a wide range of final products as well as individual parts.

Together with extension of manufacture the production management system has been implemented in 2011. Its task is to observe and maintain high productivity and quality of labour. This system, together with the minimum overhead costs, guarantees healthy and sound competitiveness of the company, which fact can be confirmed by continuously consolidating and strengthening position in the Czech and foreign markets.
By incorporating into the EKO-KOM system, our company protects the environment to the maximum possible degree by sorting all dangerous wastes.

Machinery of our manufacturing hall, three-shift operating mode and qualified specialized staff guarantee high-quality and precise manufacture of even shape complex parts.

Machinery of the company

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Strojírenská výroba HBH

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